Rich Confer Music

Singer/songwriter based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Rich is a Singer/Songwriter from Lincoln, Nebraska. But Rich Confer Music is so much more than just him.

The purpose of this music is to inspire, encourage, entertain, and create community. Songs are just one of many creative outlets with which to express beliefs, pursuits and emotions. Rich's songs center around the message of Jesus Christ and the effect of that on his life. The hope is that in sharing these songs and performances, people would grow in their understanding and embracing of God's perfect love. 

Rich is often joined by other musicians on stage as well as in the studio, and none of this would be possible without them in the picture. Brooke Confer on vocals, Ryan Confer on keys/guitars/vocals, Corey Wallroff on guitars/vocals, Matt Cornell on bass, and Adam Kovar on drums make up the ridiculously talented band that backs up Rich on a regular basis (on stage and off). These along with occasional other talented friends make up Rich Confer Music.

Rich Confer Music would also not be possible without the support and love of the community around it. Many people have contributed prayerfully, financially and in many other ways over the years. There are no fans here, only partners and friends.

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God Bless you, friends.